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This is my third time watching The Rocky Horror Picture show, but I cannot, for the life of me, ever pay complete attention to it all the way through the end. I always get distracted by something and that really annoys me, because the ending looks ..interesting (like those awesome lasers.. LOL. It's like when the mayor turned into a giant snake on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.. totally fake).

Tim Curry looks awesome, though.

We went shopping today, for christmas stuff. We got a light-less tree, cards, and that's about all. We forgot to get candycanes. We were gonna get jeans for me, because I was "running out", but everything I tried on was too big. It really sucked, I don't remember losing so much weight to need a size two. The pants I'm wearing now, a size four, are difficult to get on, so I dunno. Manufacturers need to get their sizing charts straight, because it's annoying trying on so many pants and none of them fitting.

I also tried on a flannel shirt, I've never been interested in them, until I saw a picture of people wearing them as like a sweater, not just a shirt, and since then I've wanted a flannel. But I looked like a lumberjack and that discouraged me. We left the mall bagless. (We got the Christmas stuff at Wal-mart.)

catching smoke with your bare hands.

lame summer.

i wanted to go to Quebec. or Disneyland. summin like that.

bring the world to its knees.

is it just me, or is it really annoying when someone answers questions directed to you? oh my gosh. that keeps happening. someone will ask me a question, and my friend will answer it. and its one of those "personal" questions (phone number, where you live, how's your mom, you know....) it drives me to a point of insanity. and said friend also asks another one of my friends things that concern me.

M: the friend who's doing all of this
G: the one M is asking.
Justine: me.

M: what did you get on the test?
G: 19. you?
M: 13. what did Justine get?

justine is standing right beside you.

you can ask me, you know. it does concern me. -.-

the selfish blood runs through our veins

 am I the only person who thinks that innerpartysystem sounds a lot like 3oh!3?

the school has gone skiing. well, two of the grades have. I, have not. breaking my neck, spine, and arm isn't an option I'm swelling to greet. golly, Ms. Molly.

you know what I recommend watching, to all these ghosts that I just know are just hounding to read this (haha, funny, Justine, really, hilarious), watch Repo! The Genetic Opera. and as it says on the cover, "FROM THE PRODUCERS OF SAW." with Terrance Zdunich (maybe I spelt that right) and Alexa Vega, and my personal favorites, Paris Hilton and Anthony Head Stewart (you knoww, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER? dig it?) it is, and I swear it, thee best hardcore (again, fun-nay) opera/musical you will ever watch. With guts, and Repo men (they kill you.) and Geneco (providing various inner body parts for a lowlowlow price.. or not) and his heirs (Hilton, some dude with serious anger problems and ladies mahn). Zdunich is yummier than marble cake *that smirk, goddess, FAINT*

high as a kite.

Anyone know how to do that thing where, like for stories, one has a little except and you click it, and it takes you to a page? 'Cause yeah, I have spent about ..enough of my time trying to figure it out. O.O

so we'll pick that up on another page.


My computer deleted my entire Spencer Smith story.


You never meant a single thing to me.. <3

Its been a long, boring week, I swear.

Yesterday we have LA part A test, and it lasted the entire morning, at least until 11. Today, there was no 'official' school, and I have no school until Tuesday. Fun, no?

Its super hot too, like stifling.
5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. what are you waiting for?

My new favorite word? Cerulean, I find it a very.. affable word. Dictionary's definition? Adjective. Deep blue in color like a clear sky. I love the color of a clear sky, man.

Its a terminal metamorphosis
Where colors alternate
With hands clasping
Touching the spectrum
Collapsing amidst
The piquant of
Taste mimicking

A poem, sorta, that I wrote during Health (I think) a few weeks ago. Or maybe I wrote it for a homepage... or my LA class. Anyway, I wrote it, using.. semi, or mediocre big word. Or lets put it this way, words my friend (who isn't very word-friendly) wouldn't understand. =) I changed wacky to terminal.

School, surprisesurprise, is far more boring than it was last week. At least, last week, we got to do CAT's for like 4 periods. But it was really cold in the gym. 100 and 200 metre run today. Woo. I think I got like 0.18 and 0.24. I don't like running against the wind. And those were in order. Tomorrow its probably gonna be high jump. I'm gonna be great at that. *notice sarcasm*

make up your mind. i need to know..

Really crappy day today. Its raining. But I love rain. So its an upper. Did I really need all of those periods? I think not.

Its been crappy all weekend, I've done absolutely nothing. I'm good with that. Anyway, one of my friend's are sick, the other wasn't allowed to do anything-- family rule. And the other, she's always busy.

And that's my little group of daily-dose friends, thankyouverymuch. A little case of CAUSE AND EFFECT. I'm shy, its affects my friends. Lordy.